At EPSA Health, we are lucky to have experienced professionals who ensure our programs and services are individually tailored to focus on a client’s goals and their identified challenge areas. See below our return to work services.


Return to Work at EPSA: Vocational Assessment & Report

A vocational assessment and report are an analysis of an individual’s work profile, such as, transferable skills, employment history, training and work styles. The analysis also considers the individuals physical, psychological and cognitive capabilities.


Return to Work at EPSA: Worksite Assessment & Report (Including travel)

A worksite assessment is conducted to determine if a workplace is safe and suitable for an individual to return to before work occurs.


Return to Work at EPSA: Functional Capacity Evaluation & Report

A functional capacity evaluation is completed to assist an individual’s recovery and return to work; it involves numerous tests to assess the physical ability of an individual to meet the functional demands associated with their work role before the injury.


Return to Work at EPSA: Pre-Injury Duties Transition

A plan to transition to pre-injury work duties is created to assist an injured individual and their employer. Rehabilitation consultants develop the plan once they are confident the individual and employer can follow the plan independently and the individual can achieve pre-injury duties efficiently and safely.

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