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Comprehensive Health Examination with a Review of Medical History 

All candidates and employees will be expected to fill in a comprehensive medical questionnaire that covers health conditions, injuries, disabilities, vaccinations, health and fitness.


Clinical Examination

Generally, consists of an assessment of a candidate’s cardiovascular, respiratory, blood pressure and body mass index. In the high ask setting, another extra ECG (electrocardiogram) and pathology test are required, heart rhythms, electrical activity, diabetes condition or to determine whether the candidate has been exposed to harmful levels.


Spirometry – Lung Function Capacity
Assesses how well a candidate’s lungs work by measuring how much air they inhale and how much they exhale and too quickly. This test is used to diagnose asthma, pulmonary disease and other conditions that affect breathing.


Audiometry Test
Measures a candidate’s hearing ability in different frequencies, pitches, and sounds to help identify any hearing loss.


Vision Test
Determines a candidate’s visual acuity, colour perception and any need for corrective lenses.


Detects and manages a wide range of disorders such as urinary tract infection, kidney disease and diabetes.


Drug and Alcohol Test
As an employer, you are legally obligated to eliminate and manage risk associated with drug and alcohol mucus as part of the WHS Act 2011. This test can be done by providing samples in a cup /saliva swab and the instant results are available immediately or the chemical DAS which is assessed by the lab.


Functional Assessment
A physical examination to determine the candidate’s ability to meet physical requirement tests assess musculoskeletal fitness and range of motion such as grip strength, positional tolerance, lifting, carrying capacity and cardiovascular fitness.


Specific Pathology & X-ray Test
Some high-risk roles will require pathology tests such as ECG, Lead test, Hb1ac, and ILO chest X- Ray.


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