Medical Pre-employment assessments can help increase the confidence you have in your hiring decision. We can help you hire a suitable candidate by determining if they meet the health and safety demands of a job role – this is why we can tailor to specific job roles or follow your medical paperwork template. Contact us today for more information or how to book with us!


How we make your hiring process easier and less stressful

We can help contact your candidate and arrange their booking availability and send them a booking confirmation, all we require from you is their name, date of birth and job role.


We strive to provide timely results and can ensure that they will be sent out within 24 hours of assessment completion (please note that some pathology assessment reports will take up to 7 days). We will notify you immediately if there are red flags or an emergency situation such as a non-negative drug and alcohol test.


Our practitioners can also offer recommendations or red flags of the candidate’s suitability for the role.


At EPSA Health, we are happy to tailor our testing to your needs and to assist with this we offer three options:


Option One

At Morphett Vale

We coordinate the booking of your candidate’s appointment, which takes place at our Morphett Vale Clinic and send the results to you.


Option Two

In House Testing

Within your agency our assessors can complete testing, either you or our team can coordinate bookings. This option would be suitable if you were wanting to expand and improve the services you offer.


Option Three

Onsite Testing

We can complete onsite Drug and Alcohol testing, Spirometry testing and Audiometry testing.


Contact us today about how we can help you at (08) 81862424 or email us at medicals@epsa.net.au

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