Many office workers suffer neck pain from prolonged sitting. Every structure has its ‘breaking point’. Repeated or prolonged positions over time, manifest as pain to warn the body to do something! When you sit in a chair for a long time, or lay in your bed, your will subconsciously make small adjustments as to avoid pressure points. Sometimes, when you are so involved in your work, we ignore the small cues to change position, and the signals get louder and louder resulting in pain and tightness.

To combat the neck pain at your desk try these 3 tips:

1.    Change your posture! Have a physiotherapist assess your posture, work out what could be better. Then, pick an activity you do, something you hear, or a person you see repetitively during the day to use as your cue to correct your posture. For example, correcting your posture every time the phone rings.
2.    Take regular breaks. Sit for no longer than 30minutes. If you have the option of a stand-up desk, try alternating sitting and standing of 30 minute increments. 
3.    Three times a day, move your head and neck. Look up, down, and rotate as far as you can go.

Also try bringing your left ear to your left shoulder and in the opposite direction. This exercise will help bring your awareness back to the body and notice any cues your body is trying to tell you.

If you suffer neck pain, it would be best to consult  with our physiotherapist for a thorough assessment and individualised treatment plan.

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